July 17, 2009


Be very wary, particularly after a couple of banana daiquiri’s, of chatting to a scrawny upright looking gorilla as shown in the above image. They do not speak fluent gorilla and do not understand our ways. I like to call them weekend gorillas, as they noramlly inhabit another world Monday to Friday only coming out at weekends. The most common specimen is known as the gorillagram and can be identified by singing and dancing badly.

You have been warned!


Gorilla Babes

July 17, 2009

From time to time when pictures of fine specimens of our species passes through my desk, I’ll post them up here for all you red blooded silver backs to appreciate. Because, let’s face it, there are some cracking babes out there.

And if in the comfort of your home, or cave or even sheltered retirement community housing, you feel like reaching downstairs to really show your appreciation, then go ahead. After all we’re all red-blooded males and you’re only gorilla afterall.

To get the ball rolling here’s a couple of real honey’s…

Hairyness of Course

July 17, 2009

One main eternal problem for gorillas is of course the eternal hairyness issues.

How do you get and maintain that just stepped out of the shower look? Does anyone still take 2 bottles in with them?

And what is it about everytime you eat, you get hair in your mouth, hair on your food, hair tickling your nose. And what if it’s not always your hair? And how do you know it’s from your head, chest, feet or even those delicate areas downstairs? Keep visiting to see my later blog on identifying hair types and locations entitled “Are you still picking short and curlies out from in between your teeth?”

Welcome to the Issues

July 17, 2009

Welcome to my new blog. Tackling all sorts of gorilla issues that are topical in our expanding gorilla community, from banana supply to general foraging and grooming.